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Welcome to Greg Porter's Wiki.

Hi, I'm Greg Porter. Welcome to my wiki. This is my random collection of things that need wiki pages.



Do It Yourself Storage

Do It Yourself Storage - If you have the time and a little money, you can cobble together enterprise class storage from off the shelf components. My example storage appliance has 8TB raw (8 x 1TB SATA) for less than $1000. Since it is powered by Nexenta, it uses ZFS, and serves up iSCSI, NFS, and SMB/CIFS.


Nexenta for iSCSI and virtualization - Use Nexenta for iSCSI for virtualization, like ESX and XenServer


Openfiler, the Missing Manual - Use Openfiler for iSCSI for virtualization, like ESX and XenServer

Openfiler and XenServer - Use Openfiler based iSCSI storage for XenServer

Openfiler and VMware - Use Openfiler based iSCSI storage for VMware ESX

Filer Performance Tests

ZFS Benchmarks - What disk configurations for ZFS are faster? Slower? More spindles are not neccessarily better...

Filer Performance - Simple performance comparisons between Equallogic, Nexenta, and Openfiler (To summarize: Nexenta won)

Benchmarking - Simple benchmarks normal humans can run with hopefully real world results.


The DDRdrive X1 is "The drive for speed". They may be the fastest drives in the world. Certainly the fastest drive I have ever seen. Here's some fun and games with DDRdrive.

Testing DDRdrive with Windows Server 2008 - How a DDRdrive X1 stacks up against enterprise class SAS drives (DDRdrive is *A LOT* faster, duh).

Testing DDRdrive with Nexenta - DDRdrives are superbly suited to use as a ZFS Intent Log (ZIL) accelerator. Here's how.



XenServer 5.5 Load Notes - You should *NEVER* load a OS again on a bare metal server. Seriously. Anything "production" should be a virtual machine running on a hypervisor. If you can't afford a real hypervisor like ESX, then try XenServer.

XenServer versus ESX - How XenServer virtual machine performance compares to ESX in simple benchmarks

Openfiler Performance - How Openfiler iSCSI performance compares to "real" iSCSI arrays like Equallogic and NetApp in simple tests with virtualization


XenDesktop's Live Desktop Streaming using Citrix Provisioning Server 5.1 - Boot machines from one central image

Rocks Clusters

Matlab on Rocks - How I got Matlab installed on a Rocks cluster.


Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) on Linux. As an old school Oracle DBA, I never cared for ASM. It actually works fine once you get used to it. Believe it or not, the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) for 10g or 11g *DOES NOT* include all the stuff you need to get ASM working on Linux. Here's some load notes.


Stable OpenSolaris Load - How to get a stable load of the last and final OpenSolaris 2009.06 x86. You'd *THINK* that you could just run the installer and then update, but it's fscking Solaris, don't you forget.

Servers4Linux - I tinker with, take notes and photos of, and sometimes sell, various interesting servers and disk arrays.

How I Installed This Wiki - Installing MediaWiki on LAMP, specifically on a server.

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