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Upgrade Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 to Windows 7 RC Build 7100

Windows 7 RC is out, and the official party line from Redmond is that you won’t be able to upgrade your January build 7000 beta in place (or any build prior to 7077 for that matter).  Bill wants you to perform a clean install.   Turns out that you CAN upgrade a 7000 install with a few fiddly steps… Read more

Hey! A new wiki!

I’m fiddling with a install of MediaWiki on this server.  After I loaded it, I’ve been tweaking it.  I’m using the Help section to document the tweaks.  So far, I’ve figured out how to add a logo, require users to be logged in in order to make edits, etc.  Check back to see what I’ve tweaked next.

Installing MediaWiki on a default load of Fedora 10

Fedora 10 comes with a mediawiki rpm package.  It sort of works.  Here’s my (messy) notes on how to load MediaWiki on Fedora using the supplied mediawiki package.

Installing MediaWiki on a server

Hurricane Electric ( is my ISP and virtual host provider.  I like them.  I recently installed MediaWiki on my server.  It actually was pretty easy, as had pre-installed and pre-configured all the pre-requisites.  Here’s my notes on getting it working.

Sun Ray Server Software 4, Beta Update 2 – running on CentOS

Here’s my quick notes on getting SRSS 4, Beta Update 2 (the latest) running on Centos 4.4. Read more

Monitor your stuff: Nagios

Nagios is a system monitoring tool that runs on Unix/Linux platforms, but will monitor practically anything – Unix, Windows, databases, environmental/HVAC, you name it. Nagios is good, and works well – but it isn’t easy to configure. Read more