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Who you daddy?

I use the common Linux command who all the time, have for years.  When I’m logged in as various users on various systems, sometimes I forget who I logged in as.  I typically use ‘who am i’ to remind me.

Turns out that who, at least on Linux will respond to ‘who yo daddy’ or ‘who yo mama’ the same way, just as ‘who am i’ or ‘who -m’.

There’s your amusing easter egg for today.

[glporter@maroon ~]$ whoami
[glporter@maroon ~]$ who am i
glporter pts/1        2010-09-08 08:53 (:0.0)
[glporter@maroon ~]$ who -m
glporter pts/1        2010-09-08 08:53 (:0.0)
[glporter@maroon ~]$ who yo
[glporter@maroon ~]$ who yo daddy
glporter pts/1        2010-09-08 08:53 (:0.0)
[glporter@maroon ~]$ who yo mama
glporter pts/1        2010-09-08 08:53 (:0.0)
[glporter@maroon ~]$ who yo pretty_much_any_string
glporter pts/1        2010-09-08 08:53 (:0.0)

Get your USB Canon Pixma MX7600 printer working under Linux

I have a Canon Pixma MX7600, a nice multifunction inkjet.  I have it connected with USB.

If you Google a bit, you’ll find some crazy people trying to use the Mac OSX cups .ppd printer drivers for printers like this.  I got the .dmg file and tried mounting the OSX drivers that come in it.  Even when I did eventually get the silly Apple .dmg image to mount, the .ppd file didn’t work.  Forget that method, and try this one.  I use CentOS 5.4, but this should work on any Red Hat like distro that uses a rpm based installer…

Read more

Secure Shell Load Balancing (On The Cheap!)

At work, I (Greg Porter) have a lot of students (hundreds) that need to use ssh to log into a couple of unix hosts. Most of the students use one particular host, When vogon gets busy, or fork bombed, or hangs, all those users are SOL. It’d be nice if we had multiple ssh hosts behind some sort of ssh load balancer. Of course, we can’t afford a real load balancer.

We figured it out with iptables, and so far it seems to work. Read more

Using the Citrix web client with Fedora

Cuesta College, one of the places I (Greg Porter) teach, only allows you to access your email 2 ways.  You can use their web based Outlook Web Access, which looks really lame and clunky if you’re not using Internet Explorer.  (I use Firefox on Fedora.)  The other way you can access your mail is by using Cuesta’s Citrix Presentation Server which uses the Citrix ICA Client plugin for your browser to get access to remote apps at Cuesta like Outlook or Office.  (No other access methods are allowed, no POP, no IMAP, my mail is “stuck” on campus.  I could launch into a rant about how silly that is, but I’ll do that another day.)

There’s a couple-three flaming hoops you have to jump through to get Firefox to use the ICA client… Read more