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“Where did all these hard drives come from?” or why you need shared storage

Shared storage is a way to virtualize storage.  Use a shared storage device (a storage area network) like a Fibre Channel or iSCSI array, and never buy a hard drive in a server again.  Just like virtualization allows you to better utilize the servers you already have, shared storage lets you better use the hard drives you use.  In fact, inventive use of shared storage lets you better use the hard drives you may already have in excess servers.

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It’s Christmas in February

At Cal Poly, we’ve needed more storage in the lab for a while.  We recently got a Fibre Channel HP EVA 4100 disk array.  It’s pretty sweet. Read more

Hmm… SATA Really *IS* Slower than Fibre Channel

I (Greg Porter) said in an earlier post that we were using CentOS5 with a Sun Storedge 3511 SATA Array to serve up NFSv4 home directories to Linux clients and SAMBA home directories to Windows users. In benchmarks this setup proved faster. But the stuff hit the fan when the quarter started and the users started pounding on it… Read more

Sun 3510 and 3511 Disk Arrays

We have 2 Sun StorEdge 35XX disk arrays. Two Solaris hosts are directly attached to a Sun StorEdge 3510 Fibre Channel Array. One linux host has a similar Sun StorEdge 3511 Fibre Channel Array. The 3510 uses 10K RPM FC disks (fast), the 3511 uses slower (but larger) 7.2K RPM SATA disks. Other than that, the arrays are very similar. I didn’t think much of them (why don’t we have a *REAL* SAN?) but they are decent little arrays… Read more