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XenServer 6.0 Upgrade Notes and Tips


I’ve been running XenServer 5.X at home for a test lab for a couple of years.  It’s been stable and easy to use.  Upgrading to XenServer 6.0 has been on my to-do list, and I finally got around to it this weekend.  On my old clunky hardware, I had a few issues, so here’s some notes on what I did…

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Add a XenServer storage repository on local disk

Most people use shared storage, like iSCSI, for their XenServer storage repositories to hold virtual machines.  Virtual machines *MUST* be in a shared storage repository in order to enable XenMotion and other advanced features.

It is handy to have some local storage repositories available, mainly to hold backups of machines.  For example, you could shutdown a running virtual machine, right click on it, select Copy, and select a local repository to hold the copy.  Then if you lost your iSCSI server, you’d have a local copy of the virtual machine you could start until the the iSCSI server became available again.

The XenCenter management GUI doesn’t allow you to make local storage repositories.  You have to use the command line.  Luckily, it’s pretty easy.  Here’s my updated XenServer wiki page on how to do this.

Notes on using Openfiler with Xenserver

Once you have Openfiler going with iSCSI (read my notes here), then try serving up iSCSI storage with Openfiler to XenServer.  You need shared storage, like iSCSI, to enable some of the “enterprise” features like XenMotion, where you can move running virtual machines from host to host.  Here are my notes on using Openfiler with XenServer.

Citrix XenServer is easy and free!

Just for grins, I loaded XenServer the other day.  It was *REALLY* easy.  No big surprises, get the installers for XenServer and XenCenter.  Load XenServer on the server you are going to use for a hypervisor host.  Load XenCenter on any old Windows machine.  You have to register for a free license, and then install it.

Compared to a vSphere and vCenter install, it was very simple and easy.

It seems to work well, too.