Openfiler holds its own in tests against dedicated storage appliances

I have access to a couple of different storage arrays, so I decided to see if Openfiler lags them significantly in performance.  Turns out Openfiler does just fine.  In fact, against a Dell/Equallogic PS5000E entry level array, my Openfiler install (running on a Dell 6950) is faster serving up storage for XenServer storage repositories.  It’s a very simple test, and benchmarks always lie, but in a real world test, Openfiler on a Dell 6950 is faster than a Dell PS5000E iSCSI array.

Next up:  Openfiler against NetApp.

  1. The big challenge with this aporpach was finding the right balance of resources dedicated to the infrastructure but leaves me enough resources to actually launch a VDI session and use it.a0 What’s the point of creating a lab that can’t be used?a0 My lab machine is a Dell XPS 15 laptop with 8GB of RAM and an i7 processor.a0 You can get more details about my lab set up here.

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