Hey! A new wiki!

I’m fiddling with a install of MediaWiki on this server.  After I loaded it, I’ve been tweaking it.  I’m using the Help section to document the tweaks.  So far, I’ve figured out how to add a logo, require users to be logged in in order …

Installing MediaWiki on a he.net server

Hurricane Electric (https://he.net) is my ISP and virtual host provider.  I like them.  I recently installed MediaWiki on my he.net server.  It actually was pretty easy, as he.net had pre-installed and pre-configured all the pre-requisites.  Here’s my notes on getting it working.

Monitor your stuff: Nagios

Nagios is a system monitoring tool that runs on Unix/Linux platforms, but will monitor practically anything – Unix, Windows, databases, environmental/HVAC, you name it. Nagios is good, and works well – but it isn’t easy to configure.