VMware Horizon (With View): Install, Configure, Manage [V6.0] – Jan 4 – 7 2016


At TransUnion Interactive, we offer each associate a desktop virtual machine.  We use VMware Horizon View for this.  I am the primary system administrator responsible for our Horizon infrastructure.  Another team deals with the details of desktop support.  I recently had the opportunity to sit for the VMware training for Horizon, and here are a few notes about that class.


I prefer to go to instructor led courses in person.  I think these offer good opportunities to interact with other students, and I value these personal interactions.  Because of scheduling concerns at work, I chose to take the online version of this class.

I took the class through Global Knowledge.  They are an Authorized VMware Training vendor, which is important, because only classes from approved vendors count towards VMware certification.

I took the version 6 version of this class, VMware Horizon (With View): Install, Configure, Manage [V6.0].  It is hard for training vendors to keep up with VMware, who releases new product versions than classes can be developed.  For example,in Jan 2016, Horizon 6.2 was GA and had been out for a while, but when I registered for class, no V6.2 classes were yet offered.

I did not get a printed set of course materials.  I guess we are saving trees.  Call me old school, but I like real books.

The class was as advertised, basically lecture delivered online, interspersed with some labs.  The labs were good, the lab environment was satisfactory and suitable for the material.  I did not have access or availability problems during labs.

Overall I would say the experience was satisfactory.  As stated before, opportunities for meaningful interaction with the instructor or students is severely muted by online learning platforms.  This is a shame, since an overlooked but significant portion of an actual class is learning from other students.



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