Stream local desktops with Citrix Provisioning Server (part of XenDesktop)

“Stream a desktop? What is that?”  Well, it’s something like making an image and then deploying it (ala Norton Ghost).  The cool thing is that clients *ALWAYS* PXE boots from the image, nothing is installed locally.

So you can make one image, and then run a whole room or building full of machines off that one image, and never install anything locally.

As I install it and mess around with it, I’m posting notes on my wiki.

Here’s the video that caught my eye.  (Note that Ardence was acquired by Citrix in 2006.)

Citrix says:

“Citrix Provisioning Services™ for Desktops uses streaming technology to deliver a single, standard desktop image-–operating system and software stack-–on-demand to physical desktops from a network service. The shared desktop image is configured, delivered and managed centrally, reducing total costs, increasing security and flexibility, and enabling an uncompromised user experience.”

Here it is in action in a lab at University of Nebraska (ODDS is a Dell term for On-Demand Desktop Streaming):


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