Need a rack at home? Try a vertical rack!

I have some lots of rack mount stuff at home that I’d like to rack.  I’ve been looking for a small, inexpensive solution, but I haven’t found any I like in my price range.  Recently my friend John Bellardo suggested one of these:

3u rack from Innovation First
3u rack from Innovation First

These come in 2u or 3u.  Kendall Howard makes similar ones, in 2u, 3u or 4u.  These are all less than$100.  Equipment would hang vertically in these, with their faces pointing at the ceiling.  Equipment with rails will need 2 of these, so that the rails can attach front and back.

While I’m on the subject of small racks, there’s a few out there.  “Real” racks are expensive, and heavy to ship.  You’ll probably pay something like $1000 or more including shipping for a new one.  Be careful, servers are often 32″ or more deep, and a lot of wall mount equipment racks won’t hold them.

The prettiest small racks IMHO are from HP.  They have a really cute 14u, as well as a taller 22u.

HP 14u rack
HP 14u rack

Dell has sharp looking 24u racks as well.  The previous model of this rack, the 2410, is widely available used.

Also note that racks like this often come “bare” – no doors or sides.  You probably want those to keep the kids from pressing the buttons.

These are all *REALLY* heavy, so expect to pay more to ship it than it cost.  Maybe you’ll find one locally you can pick up.

Oh, and if you do have to arrange freight, try North American Van LinesThey are experts at moving heavy fragile equipment like pinball machines or servers.

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