Not-So-Ancient History: Hewlett Packard Unix Servers

We replaced the U5000’s with Hewlett Packard 9000 Unix servers. Wow, an actual TCP/IP stack. Along the way I wrote a number of how-to’s, notes etc.

An explanation of HP firmware (PDC and ISL) and how a HP boots. May be of use to someone, especially someone trying to load linux on HP hardware.

How to load HP-UX 11.00. Explains how to load HP-UX 11.00, step by step. Intended for newbies.

How to install MirrorDiskU/X. MirrorDisk is HP’s implementation of software mirroring, which I believe they basically licensed from Veritas. This guide takes you through setting up mirroring step-by-step. Intended for newbies.

How to update HP firmware. If you ever have to do this, it’s nice to have someone hold your hand.

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