Nexenta QuickTip: Get a real root shell

The Nexenta folks have spent a lot of energy making Nexenta “idiot-proof”.  You really can do almost everything you need from the web based GUI.  There’s a few more things you can do from the character based Nexenta Management Console (NMC).  Sometimes, though, you may want a shell…

When you log in as root on a Nexenta box, you get the nmc.

People that really like to break things fiddle like an honest to goodness root shell.  If you really want a shell, then do:

[glporter@workstation ~]$ ssh root@my_filer
Last login: Wed Jun 2 11:34:10 2010 from workstation
nmc@my_filer:/$ option expert_mode = 1                                          

nmc@my_filer:/$ !bash                                                           
You are about to enter the Unix ("raw") shell
and execute low-level Unix command(s).
Warning: using low-level Unix commands is not
recommended! Execute?  (y/n) <press y>

root@my_filer:/volumes# <do special root-ish things here>
root@my_filer:/volumes# exit

Important: To re-sync the appliance's management
state information, please consider running
'setup appliance nms restart' command.


Probably is a good idea to run ‘setup appliance nms restart’, seeing as they told you to…



  1. Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for.

  2. This command didn’t work for me in NexentaStor 3.1.1 I had to run the following command before it:

    $ option expert_mode=1
    $ !bash
    Warning: “raw” shell

  3. If on the shell you login as ‘admin’ you get right into the shell. if you login as root you goto the NMS menu, just FYI

  4. option expert_mode=1 -s -s makes it stick
    option bang_confirm=0 -s doesn’t ask you

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