I Haven’t Died….

Or anything… It’s just been busy, really busy at work. But we have gotten:

  • Fedora 7 and CentOS 5 to authenticate against Active Directory
  • A CentOS 5 linux server to serve up home directories (including roving profiles) to Linux, Unix, and Windows clients with AD Kerberos
  • Sun Ray Server Software (running Sun Ray thin clients) on CentOS 5 working with AD and Linux NFS home directories

And you know what? CentOS 5, serving NFS home directories off of a SATA array, is between 6 and 20 times faster than our (decent) Solaris SPARC servers with fibre channel array using Solaris 10. They were here before I was, but they’re only like 10 months old. They should be *FASTER* than Linux.

More soon.

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