MCITP:EA, Completed! – Passed the Microsoft 070-680 Windows 7, Configuration exam today

I just completed my Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional: Enterprise Administrator certification (the highest level professional certification for Windows Server 2008 – sort of like MCSE was for 2003 or 2000.  Note that there is “no such thing” as MCSA or MCSE for 2008, they were replaced by MCITP: SA and MCITP: EA.)

This was my fifth and final exam for MCITP: EA.  This one covers Windows 7 configuration.  It was pretty straight forward, after all of the other Windows tests I’ve been passing, this one was pretty easy.  I studied for 2 weeks.




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  1. Hi,

    I am also aspiring to undertake MCITP certification by doing self study at home. After some ground work, I understood that VMWare software is ideal for all the practical cases involved. Could you please advise me regarding the same? Also, which edition or rather, which specific VMWare product is best suited for MCITP EA certification?

  2. Well, basically you need the ability to run a couple Win2k8r2 server vm’s at the same time. Exercises may have you run a couple of domain controllers and then add a third DC for example. So you need to have a machine capable of running a couple of VMs gracefully (decent CPU and RAM) and some hypervisor product. You’ll need a workstation that is 64 bit, that has the proper CPU features for virtualization, and as much RAM as you can afford. In my case, I am a virtualization guy, so the virtualization part was easy. If you haven’t done much virtualization, and you don’t want to fiddle with learning all the virtualization stuff now at the same time as the Microsoft stuff, then pick something easy, like VirtualBox. If you do want to learn VMware now, get the free ESXi version.

  3. i have given 070-680 exam. now i am intended to take other exam after 2 months. i want to know how much time it will take in receiving of 070-680 exam certificate from microsoft. Though i know that now a days microsoft doesnot provide certificate in hard copy and to get it, you have to pay to microsoft. Also what will be the procedure to accomplish the receiving of hard certificate. Thanks for your consideration

  4. Good luck! If I recall correctly, you’ll get access to the Microsoft MCP Portal, where you can download a PDF of your certs, get a transcript, or order hard copies.

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