I’m now at TransUnion Interactive in San Luis Obispo, CA!

After a few years of working at Cal Poly, SLO and SJSU, I retired from the CSU on Halloween 2014 (Boo!).  I was retired 2 days, and I started the following Monday 03 Nov 2014 as a Senior Infrastructure Engineer at TransUnion Interactive in San Luis Obispo, CA.  TransUnion Interactive (TUI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of TransUnion.  We provide credit reporting and other service directly to consumers, and also support other major partners with highly available web services 24X7.  TUI has about 150 employees and is growing rapidly…

I’m doing storage, virtualization and system administration work, making the magic happen with NetApp, Nimble, HP BladeSystems and a little Cisco UCS.

My recruitment process should be a LinkedIn commercial.  TUI HR found me on LinkedIn, contacted me through them, and did a successful non-traditional LinkedIn style recruitment.


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