CompTIA Linux+ and LPI LPIC-1

I recently passed CompTIA’s Linux+.  One of the first questions on the examinations is something like “Do you want to forward your scores to LPI?”  Might as well say “Yes!”, since passing the 2 Linux+ exams automatically qualifies you for the Linux Professional Institute’s LPIC-1.

It’s easy, and almost automatic.

  1. Register as a candidate with LPI.  This is free.  You will get an LPI ID number.  Do this BEFORE you take the CompTIA Linux+ exams.
  2. Schedule your CompTIA exams.
  3. At the beginning of each exam, make sure you select “Forward my scores to LPI.”

That’s it!  It’s easy.  LPI is notified quickly- It took 2 days for CompTIA to award Linux+after I passed the exams and LPI sent me notice of LPIC-1 on the same day.

Once you get LPIC-1, tell Novell about it on their website, and you will get Novell Certified Linux Administrator (CLA)!




  1. Yes indeed, I got LPIC-1 (and Novell CLA and Novell DCTS) based on passing the Linux+. I blogged about each step along the way. They are separate posts, though, so I now see why it may be a bit confusing. Here’s a summary of the process:
    1. Register at LPI. Get a LPI number.
    2. Take the CompTIA Linux+ exams. At the beginning of each test, the test engine will ask if you want your scores forwarded to LPI. Say yes.
    3. Wait a few days for the scores to hit CompTIA. You’ll get a certificate in email.
    4. Wait a few days for the scores to hit LPI. You get a certificate in email.
    5. Once you are LPIC-1, forward the scores to Novell. Wait a few days. You’ll get both Novell CLA and Novell DCTS.
    6. Profit! (Had to say it, sorry.) 🙂

    So that’s four (!) certifications (Linux+, LPIC-1, CLA, DCTS) based on just passing Linux+! Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the info, though what I want to know is if you can do it the other way around, meaning going for the lpic 1 and being able to get linux+ certified as well. Is that also possible?

  3. Well, it appears to be a reciprocal agreement, so I don’t see why not. But I’d make sure with both CompTIA and LPI before betting my test dollars on it.

  4. Hi, I have LPIC-1 but answer from comptia is

    Thank you for contacting CompTIA. Unfortunately, you cannot get a CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI certification by passing receiving your LPIC-1 certification. CompTIA does not accept other training or credentials towards earning our certifications. Candidates must sit and pass our exams to earn our certification.

  5. I think that is correct. The agreement doesn’t work both ways. Once you get Linux+, LPI will take that for LPIC-1. You have to take Linux+ first and then have that sent to LPI.

    In your case, you have LPIC-1, but to get Linux+, you have to take Linux+.

  6. I just followed your (Greg’s) example and took the Linux+ test from CompTIA. I passed both and received their certification followed by LPIC-1, and Novell CLA. I have yet to receive a second cert from Novell. Perhaps it was a “then” thing only. The rest is 100% accurate in my case and on this date.

  7. @greg.porter
    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for information.

    I got confirmation of certification by both LPI and Novell, but only Novell sent me a pdf certificate. Does LPI sends an pdf (printable certificate) too, or it’s only for checking online?

    I got confirmation from LPI after 3 days and in 2 days after LPI got from Novell.

  8. Hmm. It’s been a while, so I don’t exactly recall. I’m pretty sure they mailed me an actual printed certificate. Just now, I logged into LPI and I could see my status as certified, but I didn’t see a spot to download a certificate.

  9. @greg.porter

    I can see my status as certified as well, but I don’t see an option to download a certificate neither.

    Anyway, I’ll wait a bit more and if nothing happened will email to LPI.

    thanks for fast reponse


  10. Hi, i did my linux+ certification and completed before registaring with LPI for an ID? Can i still register and forward Linux+ acceptance to forward my details to LPI and i get my certifications?

  11. From what I’ve read, the test is LPI’s test. (as stated by CompTIA..powered by). So seeing the post of the email from them stating you have to take their test blows. As it’s not their test.
    I have for years stayed clear of CompTIA certs believing them to be “sold” as great, but really lacking (ie the A+ cert..sorry guys but really, have you ever had to know IRQ’s for the mouse or keyboard, maybe prior to 1995).
    It’s no big surprise that companies believe the hipe.
    to quote Isaac S…
    ” The reason you would want to pick up your Linux+ while still having a LPIC-1, is that if you are in the government, DOD 8570.1 requires you to be Linux+ certified to be at IAT level 3. However, LPIC-1 is for IAT level 1, LPIC-2 is for IAT level 2, and LPIC-3 is for IAT level 3. Yet Linux+ covers all three levels.”

  12. Various people have written and said that they did them in a different order than I did them, and still got both, so I’d say “maybe”, go ahead and try!

  13. OK, here is an update on case.

    I got envelope from LPI with printed certificate, ID card and some other goodies, like getting a free copy of Linux magazine. I’m happy with that and want to say Great Thanks for Excellent Job to LPI.

  14. Hi Greg,
    last Friday I have passed the second CompTIA Linux exam (LX0-102) and now I’m fresh certificated with CompTIA, LPI, Novell CLA and Novell DCTS 🙂

    Many thanks for your post with a very important and usefully suggestions! Great work!


  15. Hi Greg,

    How did you get the additional Novell DCTS Certificate?

    Does getting the Linux+ just equivalent to LPIC-1?

    Does the CLA is the same as CLA 11?

    Can i use the CLA certificate given by Novell as a pre-requisite for Linux Professional Institute Certification 11?

    Thank you.


  16. Hi Greg,

    I just get information about CompTIA and LPI. I was got Linux + since March 2008, How can i get LPIC Certification LPI-1? If I want to continue LPI-2?


  17. I just wanted to be the first to post in 2013! Seriously, I’m studying for Linux+ and I wonder how much of a value getting the CLA is. I don’t see it listed on any job boards as a cert to have.

  18. The only way I know it works for sure is the order I did it in. I’d contact the certification bodies to see if doing it in some other order will work.

  19. @Jason
    Hmm, I never see it listed either, I think employers are not aware of it, I’d say it is of little use except another thing to hang on your “I Love Me” wall.

  20. Hi Greg,

    I’m starting to study for the LPIC-1 101 exam. I thought the LPIC was reciprocal with Linux+, but as I’ve found here, it’s not.

    Could you comment on the difference of the actual exams for LPIC-1 and Linux+? I assume the content is virtually the same. If I prepare using LPIC-1 materials, labs, and test exams, is that sufficient to cover a Linux+ exam? Is it just a matter of signing up with a test center for Linux+, rather than LPIC-1?


  21. Hi,
    i passed LX0-101 today. and i’m planning to pass the 2nd exam -LX0-102 next month.i registered at LPI before taking exam LX0-101.when i took exam today, before beginning exam there was a question “Do you want to forward your scores to LPI?” there’re 2 answer: i accept …..
    and i don’t accept…. i market 1st..but after beginning exam i didn’t receive a question as you wrote “At the beginning of each test, the test engine will ask if you want your scores forwarded to LPI. Say yes.”
    how can i learn will i get a certificat LPIC or not?
    should i wait until i’ll pass 2nd exam, and only after that i’ll get that certificat?

  22. I took my LX0-101 last Aug (2012) and I received an email from LPI shortly thereafter.., I looked at it quickly and I thought that LPI assigned me a number. I was working in Afghanistan for a year at that time.
    Now fast-forward to present, I am back home but when I left, I was not able to copy my PST file thus I left my LPI email behind. 🙁

    I just took my LX0-102 and passed and I did check the YES block asking if CompTIA could forward /share my scores /info with LPI.
    Now I am wondering how I can go about getting the 3 in 1 offer

  23. Hi,

    I finish my Comptia Linux+ on May end and received my pdf certificate, forwarded my results to LPI and it informed me that I am certified but will receive my certification kit in 4-6 weeks. Then forwarded my results to Novell and got emails that I am cerified.

    Is it normal that I will get the certificate from LPI after 4-6 weeks
    and will Novell give me certificates (colored pdf with their logo)?

    Request for assistance…

  24. Hi Greg,

    I just took LX0-101 and I agreed to forward my results to LPI, however I was expecting to enter my LPI ID somewhere. Did something go wrong during the exam or will LPI just map my name the results? Do I have to send them an email with my CompTIA results myself?


  25. Why does Linux+ give you the 3 in 1 certifications while LPIC-1 Doesn’t? In the time that LPI’s exam objectives are so far like Linux+’s ? Any sence in that?

  26. I just passed the Comptia Linux + exam. I did receive the LPI cert and Novell CLA but it did not mention the Novell DTCS or SUSE 11 Technical Specialist. How can I go about obtaining them?


  27. I did the process as such, I recieved a notification from Novell that I was CLA certified but it did not mention DTCS or SUSE 11.

    Is there anything else I need to do to get those certifications?


  28. Hi folks,

    I took and passed my LPIC-1, i received an email from LPI shortly but i don’t know how obtain “comptia linux+ powered by lpi”

    Please help me.


  29. Good Tuesday morning everyone from San Antonio, Texas,

    I wanted to thank you Greg as I followed your CompTIA Linux+/LPI/Novell blog & I wanted to share my experience with you:

    I passed CompTIA Linux+ on October 30, 2013. When I took CompTIA Linux+ exam(s) I was asked if I wanted to forward my scores to Linux Professional Institute (LPI) – I selected Yes. A few days later, I received a email from LPI that my CompTIA Linux+ scores were accepted & I was created a LPI ID# & awarded LPIC-1. I then logged into my LPI ID account & in here towards the bottom there is a Verification Code#. With this code# I then created a Novell Account. I believe it was the next day or so that I received 3 emails from Novell to inform me that I was then awarded Data Center Technical Specialist, SUSE 11 Technical Specialist, & SUSE Certified Linux Administrator 11 certifications. I inquired with a fellow classmate who did the same process & he also received the 4 additional certifications after passing CompTIA Linux+ exams.

    Again thank you Greg for taking your time and research with regards to your CompTIA/LPI/Novell blog it was/is greatly appreciated.

    Have yourselves a very nice day and an even better tomorrow,

    Luis M. Santana

  30. @greg.porter What is I already pass the Comptia linux+ LPI? is there a way to get the Certification from LPI and Novell? I didn’t know about the LPI ID before the exams.

  31. I got Linux+ certification yesterday. I have a LPI id but but wasn’t registered same email LPI and Comptia.
    LPI sent mail which inform we couldn’t find your registration in our database so we create new LPI id you can use. I conclude first step “Register as a candidate with LPI” is not necessary. 🙂

  32. Hi guys, if i passed part 1 of LPIC1 exam..what certs will i get?

  33. I do not understand how to link the ID LPI CompTIA Linux +, At the beginning of each test, the test engine will ask if you want your scores forwarded to LPI. Say yes.
    Only you know how my LPI ID? Where was the bond?

  34. Hellos, i just finished my Comptia N+ . I want to be Linux + certified, my college doesn’t offer Linux, so in went online to look for a vendor. I found this institution that says they have a boot camp for 3 days only and i should be certified after that. Could it be real? 3 DAYS!!Truth or scam? Help

  35. hello greg,
    i’ve already passed the Comptia lunix1 lx0-101 & lw0-102 certifications on july 2013, and now i’m about to take the lpic2 with an LPI account. I’ve created the lpi account few days ago, and i want to know how to transfert (or make viewable) my comptia lunix certification in my new lpi account.

    sorry for my english, it maybe not clear, i leave in an french speaking country.

    thank you for help

  36. Hi,

    I just passed the second part of the Linux + exam. I forgot to pre register with LPIC. Is to too late to register since I just passed both lx0-101 and lx0-102. My Goal was to be LPIC-1 certified. I thought if i registered with comptia that would be enough. I did select yes to forward my scores to LPIC, and i did create an account today with LPIC. Please advise I have worked so hard to become LPIC-1 certified

  37. Thanks!
    I took the tests Comptia Linux LX0-103 and LX0-104 and passed both. Received an e-mail and followed instructions to register with LPI. Again received an e-mail and registered with Novell (existing ID) and received three SuSE ‘certificates’.

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