LPI LPIC-1 and Novell CLA

The Linux Professional Institute has a partnership with Novell.  Holders of LPIC certifications are eligible to receive the Novell Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) certification at no additional cost or exams.  Once you hold LPIC-1, then follow the directions at LPI’s page on their Novell partnership page.

  1. Get LPIC-1.  The best way in my opinion is to take the CompTIA Linux+ exams.
  2. Got to the Novell CLA registration form.  You’ll need your LPI ID and other info from the LPI Candidate Area.  Fill out the form.
  3. Once you hit submit, you will immediately get a welcome email.  It takes a day or two to see the new certification at Novell.

That’s it!  Pretty easy.  So for the “3 in 1” Linux certifications (Linux+, LPIC-1, CLA) do them in this order:  Linux+, then LPIC-1, then CLA.

Note that Novell also automatically awards you Data Center Technical Specialist (DCTS) when you get CLA, you don’t have to do anything more, it is automatically granted at the same time as CLA.




  1. Yes indeed, I got LPIC-1 (and Novell CLA and Novell DCTS) based on passing the Linux+. I blogged about each step along the way. They are separate posts, though, so I now see why it may be a bit confusing. Here’s a summary of the process:
    1. Register at LPI. Get a LPI number.
    2. Take the CompTIA Linux+ exams. At the beginning of each test, the test engine will ask if you want your scores forwarded to LPI. Say yes.
    3. Wait a few days for the scores to hit CompTIA. You’ll get a certificate in email.
    4. Wait a few days for the scores to hit LPI. You get a certificate in email.
    5. Once you are LPIC-1, forward the scores to Novell. Wait a few days. You’ll get both Novell CLA and Novell DCTS.
    6. Profit! (Had to say it, sorry.) 🙂

    So that’s four (!) certifications (Linux+, LPIC-1, CLA, DCTS) based on just passing Linux+! Good luck!


    i wrote my 117-102 today
    but my certification satus is still none
    were do i get the verification code

  3. Good job on passing! I think it’ll take them a while, like a couple of weeks to process your test and issue your certs.

  4. I followed these steps and got Linux+, LPIC-1, Novel CLA 11, DC Tech Spec, and SUSE 11 Tech Spec.

    LPI has now partnered with SUSE thus the new addition.

  5. @Josh Armentrout
    @Josh Armentrout

    will Novell award you with three certificates Novel CLA 11, DC Tech Spec, and SUSE 11 Tech Spec. for just claiming your LPI-1 cert?

    do i need to take extra step to earn SUSE11 Tech Spec

  6. Recently passed the LX0-102 (second part of the Linux+ certification to achieve my Linux+, LPIC-1 and CNLA designations. I don’t see the DC Tech Spec available any longer on the Novell site after I submitted my verification code from LPI.

    No matter im happy with the 3 in 1 certification. It was a great journey and I learned alot of things studying for the Linux+ exams. The second exam was definitely tougher than the first so study hard my friends!

    All the best!

  7. I passed my comptia linux+ TODAY,, yeeyy i’m gonna apply for LPIC and Novel. THNX FOR THE INFORMATION !!!!

  8. I have a question, I did Linux+ and LPIC-1 separately in 2007 (i think) I was granted the Novell CLA and not too long ago I got an email from them awarding Suse tech Specialist, but i’ve never received anything for Data Center Technical Specialist (DCTS), is there something extra I need to do?

  9. Hi,

    I am still waiting for my DCTS pdf 🙁 Also I am not sure how can I get SUSE 11 Tech Spec.

    I passed the 2 CompTIA exams and got Linux+, LIPC-1 and Novel CLA 11.

    Any comments?


  10. I have passed some days ago the Novell CLA and this cert LPIC-1 seems to be interesting (more than CLA, probably) and more complete. Do you recommend me doing both exams? I imagine i can’t forward my scores from Novell to LPIC-1, am i correct? Also i have to pay for both exams and that sucks completely.

  11. Hi, In my experience, the LPIC-1 is generally more recognized by employers than Novell CLA. If you are test ready, I’d probably do both. I think you are right, you probably can’t forward the scores. And yes, you’ll have to pay again (Ow.) Good luck!

  12. Hi all,

    Anyone recently got the DCTS pdf after Linux+/LPIC-1?


  13. I took the Comptia Linux plus certification and passed it, I got the SUZE and Comptia pdf certificates but LPIC I cant seem to find the download link… Please help guys..

  14. I have recently written and passed the CompTIA LX0-103 & 104 exams. I have also received a copy of my LPIC1 certificate.
    I would like to apply for my Novell certificate but I can access the registration form on their website: https://practicum.novell.com/LPI2CLAForm.php

    My LPI ID is : LPI000402041 …. Please help me or send me a link that works. Thanks in advance.

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